Hair loss treatment errors have those

Third, their own medicines to their own rule. Patient convenience in order to rely on advertising medicines eat. But the drug is not symptomatic, can not eliminate the cause, achieve therapeutic effect, but delay the timing of treatment, so hair loss deepened further. Patients should go to the hospital for diagnosis of the cause, and then, under the guidance of a doctor medication. Many people alopecia troubled, suffering from de-incidence can not be styled, must go to a specialized hospital for specialized treatment, or the body will have a huge impact, then the hair loss treatment Mistakes have it? Hair loss treatment errors have those? . , Hair loss is caused by kidney qi deficiency. Many male patients are often thought of hair loss kidney blame for those patients with serious hair loss is hard to spend money to buy some kidney medicine. The kidney cause hair loss, is a dialectic of traditional Chinese medicine, but hair loss is not all kidney blindly eat supplements actually not much help. Blind to decrease or increase the number of shampoo. Some patients believe that the scalp strong oil secretion, resulting in too much grease, thereby increasing the number of shampoo. The doctors suggest that the general winter 3-4 days shampoo once a summer 2-3 days shampoo once a normal frequency of shampooing too often will increase the stimulation of hair follicles too long Pityrosporum is easy to breed, make hair loss worse.